One Reason Why Knowledge Management Fails

Well, comes at no surprise, via Mike Gotta:

[…] blogs, wikis, social networking – none of this matters if companies treat people poorly and worse – institutionalize such actions.


With all the talk about Enterprise 2.0 and the resurgence of knowledge management, we tend to forget that employees are influenced (in terms of attitude, behavior, engagement) by both the macro messages that a company sends to its workers as well as the micro messages that come from a worker’s day-to-day management channel.

Yes, clearly not all organizations are ready for the roll-out of social software of any kind. So techno-crazy-high-flying expectations about social softwares impact on organizations should be seen critically, as Tom Davenport rightfully notes.

Then, knowledge cannot be conscripted, it can only be volunteered, and people know more than they can say. So caring and thinking about change management and ways of implementation is really essential … ever considered “adding” (social software sphere) change management consultants like me to your implementation efforts?

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