In my presentation I shortly introduced BEAs initiative, i.e. launching three Web 2.0 style applications for their enterprise customers:

  • Ensemble (for mashups)
  • Pages (drag-and-drop collaborative workspaces)
  • Pathways (an information discovery tool)

Well, more (product) information at of course, Dana Gardner has info on the background of these offerings here, Chris Bucchere has more insight into the value proposition, the concepts behind this move and its overall position in the uptaking of the enterprise 2.0 theme. I would argue that this strengthens and validates the overall trend that incumbent enterprise software shops are incorporating web 2.0 features into their products (and business models).

And this move also reflects the findings of several enterprise 2.0 studies (like those by Forrester and McKinsey) on which I plan to blog about over the coming easter holidays … let’s see how this pulls all together.

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