CIOs on Enterprise 2.0 …

Here’s a lengthy piece from Information Week on Enterprise 2.0, based on a study of 250 business technologists on the merits of going web 2.0 in the enterprise. It holds that business technology people are concerned about the security aspects of Enterprise 2.0 offerings.

Well, yes, compliance, due diligence, compatibility with IT governance and integration into existing infrastructure are valid concerns, and constant topic in my discussions with colleagues and fellow enterprise 2.0 folks.

But overall the article is not too negative about the prospects of enterprise 2.0, because it shows that the concept is gaining traction while being aware that these issues must be dealt with. So I have no doubt that more and more IT departments will start to facilitate the use of “2.0”-tools and concepts, if only because Enterprise 2.0 is essential for extended value net organizations:

It’s a new architecture defined by easier, faster, and contextual organization of and access to information, expertise, and business contacts – whether co-workers, partners, or customers. And all with a degree of personalization sprinkled in.


[there’s] this tension between the IT department that wants to have this orderly, planned infrastructure, and you’ve got end users out there experimenting with all these different collaboration tools.

Susan Scrupski tracks some discussions in this field, i.e. the role of CIOs, of IT departments etc.

Equally interesting is Mike Gottas take on the article here.

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