Enterprise 2.0 – Through the backdoor

Michael Schuster of System One offers another spin on adaption and implementation issues, the role that social networks play, the uptaking of social software and more:

How long are enterprises going to withstand the pressure from their employees that illegally install tools, use external services and setup things like wikis without caring about corporate security policies or the like? I hear from so many people who are not happy with the applications that they have, that it is very likely that those who are eager to work with efficient, slim tools are going to find a workaround and (even worse from a company viewpoint) introduce that to their colleagues and to other teams.

This sounds reminiscent of the maverick, bottom-up uses that bypass conventional IT structures (and governance alike), e.g. when employees actually use external tools like webmailers, as described in this article by the NYT. Well, people want to forward their work email to Webmail (so that they can access it from home, when doing extra work) anyway. Consequently we need policies that don’t interfere with the actual ways people work – and Enterprise 2.0 implementations must be well aware of both IT governance policies and workers needs.

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