Harvard Wikipedia Case Study

Via Andrew McAfee’s blog comes news that Harvard Business School has published his case study on Wikipedia that he co-authored with Karim Lakhani (Update: who blogs here – first post? congratulations! and keep goin’).

This is an interesting teaching case, looking into the economics and internal processes of Wikipedia, building on the example of McAfee’s initial Enterprise 2.0 article (that got deleted etc. etc.), but which has morphed into the article “Enterprise Social Software” by now.

Update: Zoli Erdos has more info on the enterprise 2.0 in wikipedia debate, and an epilogue to the epilogue:

Enterprise 2.0 as a term my be relatively knew, but it’s not some theoretical concept a bored professor is trying to sell the world. It’s a disruptive change, a confluence of technological, social and business changes in how corporations conduct business using new IT tools. No Wikipedia gatekeepers can prevent this seismic shift. Let’s move on, do our work, and in less than 6 months Enterprise 2.0 will find its way back to Wikipedia.

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