Consulting Approaches for Enterprise 2.0

Susan Scrupski on consulting in the changing landscapes of Enterprise 2.0, i.e. Consulting and SI 2.0, when more and more companies are embracing “as a Service”-models.

This nicely sums it up for me and my consulting approach:

Consulting 2.0 is Business Process-based not technology-centric

Well, I would add another twist on organizational settings, analysis and design … but the core remains valid: I don’t peddle wikis (or social software by any means) as the one and only, and predominantly, technological solution.

Being confident, but also knowing when and where to employ wikis (or other social software) and when not to is key. It is – at least in my book – a basic ingredient for sustainable consulting work that really helps clients.

Consultants who can dig deep within the business processes of an enterprise are going to be invaluable in helping large and small enterprises take advantage of new SaaS and Enterprise 2.0 applications.

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