IBM’s Suarez: Wikis at work (part two)

There’s the second part of the interview with Luis Suarez (go visit his blog for more, it’s worthwhile) ready at IBM’s ShortCuts, touching some key success factors for wiki adoption in the enterprise.

How do you motivate co-workers to use wikis in the workplace? […] tips on encouraging wiki-based collaboration in the enterprise.

From his blog:

1. A Critical Mass of Early Adopters who can pave out the road for those non tech savvy knowledge workers so that they can focus on sharing what the know as opposed to struggle with the tool itself.
2. Fully supported infrastructure in place so that collaboration takes place with a sense of belonging, or ownership, from the perspective that knowledge workers’ contributions remain there for as long as possible and therefore they can refer to them back and forth and continue to build further up on it. That sense of ownership.
3. Online tutorials or screencasts on how to perform essential tasks: like adding a page, managing an access control list, subscribing to RSS feeds, etc. etc. so that they would have a chance to find solutions to easy tasks quickly and move on forward just focusing on what really matters: sharing their knowledge and collaborating with others.

Google kauft Jotspot

Meine (kurze, englischsprachige) Analyse im BMID-Blog.

Ohne Frage wird JotSpot von der Größe und den Fähigkeiten von Google profitieren, wie auch der Trend zum Einsatz von Wikis zur kollaborativen Zusammenarbeit einigen Rückenwind bekommt:

If Google can deploy and popularize this ‘office-ish wiki’, wikis will become more mainstream. And this is good news for frogpond, my freelancing consulting venture, which offers companies help and advice in regard to wiki implementation.

Weitere Analysen u.a. bei CNet, Richard MacManus und Zoli Erdös.