Bookmarking, tagging, and social software comes to the Enterprise

Today on the Scoble Show: Puneet Gupta, of ConnectBeam, on how Web 2.0 concepts are changing enterprise software:

When you have hundreds — or even thousands — of people working together at the same company, keeping track of all of that knowledge is important. The problem is that before now no one liked using knowledge management systems.

2 Responses to “Bookmarking, tagging, and social software comes to the Enterprise”

  1. Tom Mandel says:

    Danke sehr… and that’s as far as I’ll go in embarrassing myself auf Deutsch, as I thank you for mentioning Connectbeam. We enjoyed doing Robert Scoble’s show.

    Social bookmarking, tagging, and social networking for the enterprise seem like natural next steps to us in the process of making enterprise workers more productive through access both to information and to the people who have information they need and interests they share. We are already seeing very quick response to Connectbeam at major global companies. The next year should be very interesting indeed!

  2. mk says:

    Yes, let’s all work on 2007 to be the year of social software in the enterprise – at least kind of.

    Enhancing knowledge workers’ productivity is a worthwile goal – for software providers and for consultants alike.

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