Upcoming: FosWiki Summit 2009

I am not sure if I can make it then (that week there’s also the DNUG autumn conference in Fulda), but as Oliver Krüger invited me I thought it’s good to alert those of my readers that are into wikis, especially FOSwiki or TWiki.

November 21 and 22 there’s the FOSwiki¬†Summit Hannover, a mixture of general community meeting and open space (BarCamp-alike probably) it seems, you have to register at their site.

Wiki – Web Collaboration

Das ist bemerkenswert: Der Springer-Verlag stellt hier das Buch Wiki – Web Collaboration als e-Book frei zur Verfügung.

Ebersbach, A.; Glaser, M.; Heigl, R. (2006): Wiki – Web Collaboration, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York (NY) 2006

Umfangreiches Buch, vor allem die Mediawiki-Engine und TWiki werden behandelt.