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You know by now I enjoy joking at times (basically when I am leaving my serious consultant habits for good when at cool conferences) – and again there are no posts 24, let alone 25.

Still, I’ve blogged some more neat stuff at my other blog – business model innovation design (I told you about my posterous blog yesterday). Sort of crossposting and interlinking gabfest today:

Gated communities and necessary conversations

leweb logoMymy, I’ve missed Danah Boyd‘s talk because of mingling with some fellow bloggers in the lounge area – that’s both a shame and a peek into the social effects and the nature of great conferences.

Luckily Stephanie jotted down some live notes, check them out – I earmarked Danah’s take on the Internet as “bringing diverse people together mechanism”, by enhancing visibility overall. Indeed platforms like Twitter are potentially “demasking mechanisms” – exposing prejudices, narrow-mindedness and :

People move to gated communities to get away from different people and not have to deal with them but the internet is bringing all these people together. We might not want to be in such a mixed space.


We’re making all sorts of parts of society visible, parts we like and others we don’t.

Yes, there’s a number of necessary conversations that we need to have: from questions of online privacy and security, to how we deal with the visibility of hurtful and harmful things on social networks. Lots of real web issues indeed …

Le Web Bright Spots

He highlighted that community is not a tool (saying that you are a tool for approaching it like that) and that you need to leave your ego at the door to make it happen. I also love that he stressed the importance of letting go of control and letting leadership emerge naturally.

via Tara at horsepigcow.com

Nice perspective on day 1 of LeWeb – interpreting LeWeb as a community and not as a conference is fitting in here too. One can’t manage and control a community, but one can provide the infrastructure that allows for emergence (freeform conversations flourish here, even when it’s sometime hard to find individual people) – but that’s a minor disadvantage of any huge conference.

Curating networks at conferences is probably an open task – Techweb and O’Reilly did a little bit this with crowdvine at the Web 2.0 Expos – but leveraging the content and interest networks like Pearltrees is trying might be another lever.

Waving bei der LeWeb

leweb logoKleine Sünden werden direkt bestraft – nachdem ich gestern nicht nur ein Google-T-Shirt bekommen, sondern auch kritische Fragen beim Google Wave Workshop gestellt habe fehlt die Hälfte meiner Eingaben in die Dokumentationswave von Tag 1 der LeWeb

Klar, wir sind noch in der Alpha-Phase aber das kann es doch wirklich nicht sein. OK, vielleicht schafft es der Wave-Server ja doch noch die Änderungen wieder hervorzuzaubern – wenn nein sind das wohl die Nachteile wenn man sich “on the cutting edge” bewegt.

LeWeb ’09 – posts 1 thru 23

sitting among my fellow LeWeb bloggers

No, I’m only joking – there ain’t 23 posts by me on LeWeb by now, but I’ve collected some neat stuff at my posterous blog. Not exactly material for the generic frogpond feed but it’s probably interesting for some of you. Tasty snippets and mostly short comments:

Finding and filtering LeWeb ’09 content

It’s going to get crazy really soon, so here are a few pointers for those of you who want to follow things as they unfold:

Really crazy gets the athmosphere pretty good, a real avalanche of tweets (and I’ve switched over to the closer group of official bloggers and tweeters for relevance) – good to have some overview posts as well. Steph has a pathfinder to find your way …

LeWeb – post 0


Good morning from Paris, some miscellaneous learnings and observations from the evening before LeWeb:

  • 1664 is the name of a beer at Harry’s bar, that’s not the price but it’s close enough
  • the eggheads from Orange Research Labs don’t have egg-shaped heads (and they are no real eggheads)
  • socializing before an event is turbocharging the experience of the event in itself – thanks to all who made this possible
  • Paris metro lines shut down operation way too early