Open Data Analytics

Sometimes things are literally merging into each other – like right now when five seconds after reading Alex’ take on RedMonk’s introduction of a big data analytics game offering I am clicking through to Brian Lamb on the Zen of open data, citing Chris McDowall:

Open is better than closed.
Transparent is better than opaque.
Simple is better than complex.
Accessible is better than inaccessible.
Sharing is better than hoarding.
Linked is more useful than isolated.
Fine grained is preferable to aggregated.
(Although there are legitimate privacy and security limitations.)
Optimise for machine readability — they can translate for humans.
Barriers prevent worthwhile things from happening.
“Flawed, but out there” is a million times better than “perfect, but unattainable”.
Opening data up to thousands of eyes makes the data better.
Iterate in response to demand.
There is no one true feed for all eternity — people need to maintain this stuff.

Yep, sharing is better than hoarding. Reminds me that today at last I’ve got some time to write some posts in here. After all it’s Tuesday, not Monday.