Hacked (but recovering)

Well, I got hacked by not so nice people robots, informed about it by nice people (whose sites were hacked as well and who found me in their spammed link bait).

Yes, cleared the mess by now – and slowly recovering. Will see how this works out.

ps. I did have backups, nice long passwords, and a pretty current WordPress install. Will elaborate on this as soon as possible.

[Update: it’s been a nasty Spam Injection – ie. while normal users of this site didn’t see the spam links, but the Google bot did. With the help of the Googlebot Spoofer I was able to see the actual mischief, ie. links to all sorts of warez et al.

The actual spam wasn’t embedded in the posts (or the database) but was deposited in extra files on my server, hidden from plain first sight and referenced via an hacked .htaccess file.

The compromising access to the files was achieved via an outdated WordPress plugin – not one that I missed to update but one that seems to have degraded over time and development from WordPress 2.x to 3.2.x.

My fixes included a) kicking that stupid plugin b) fixing the .htaccess c) removing the spam repository files d) changing passwords everywhere (WP users, database, ftp access and e) some hidden sauce that I won’t blog about.

So hopefully this write-up helps others, namely those webmasters that I informed via Email about their compromised sites.

OK, having some sort of proxy page for me on the corporate account is way stupid,…

OK, having some sort of proxy page for me on the corporate account is way stupid, so – until I know how to get rid of this profile – I am keeping a low profile, ie. I am only going to cater for *two accounts on G+

– the actual person, me, nobody else: https://plus.google.com/u/0/103404136100035905482/about

– the actual frogpond institution, non-geeky official stuff et al. at https://plus.google.com/u/1/b/113468469334623575659/113468469334623575659/posts

No more posting here, so take a last look at the smiling profile pic of me and off you go 😉

[EDIT – maybe there's room for a third slot, ie. me posting and commenting on stuff that's frogpond-ey in here, whilst the actual frogpond page gets the hyper-official stuff and the original person page catches everything else? We'll see]

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Martin Koser – Google+
Martin Koser – geeking and consulting for life – consulting & geeking4life – Schlierbach – Geek and Enterprise 2.0 Consultant – or is it the other way round?
Find the non-geeky stuff at the frogpo…

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man könnte ja ausgiebig PingPong mit dem Privataccount spielen?

man könnte ja ausgiebig PingPong mit dem Privataccount spielen?

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mal sehen wie und mit was dieser hochoffiziöse Kanal gefüllt wird … immerhin hab ich der frogpond page schon mal ein nigelnagelneues Profilbild spendiert ;D

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… on the way to Enterprise 2.0, aren't we? Let's start with some fine enterprise collaboration consulting …

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