Waving at conferences

“Attendees will be able “live wave:” view live notes, ask questions via a Google Moderator gadget, and discuss content.”

Sounds interesting – while I’ve participated in a number of live waving at conferences before, and the use case is pretty much laid out, it wasn’t a big hit so far. This may be due to a number of reasons, including limited responsiveness of the Wave servers and not enough visibility among the fellow attendees (2500 people at LeWeb and only a handful of Wave-istas, yuck). It’s good to see that Google is tackling these obstacles.

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Upcoming: WikiWednesday Stuttgart am 26. Mai 2010

Update: Rescheduled to May 26, see the Wave for location and more

How to use Google Wave when organizing events …

… put to practice for the next WikiWednesday Stuttgart:

Ideen und Anregungen am besten direkt in die Wave eintragen …

Framework and Matrix: The Five Ways Companies Organize for Social Business

Reading up on Jeremiah Owyang’s take on the stages companies go through on the way to becoming social businesses. Granted, no two companies are alike, and they will show varying speeds, may rest saturated at different levels of maturity (which can work out really bad, no progress in a progressing field …), and they sure place the social business design into the hands of different people (and organizational functions, that is). Some may never reach the holistic stage where the business is social by design …

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Viewing public waves without a wave account

Via the Googlewave development blog, we now can get “anonymous, read-only access to public waves” and embed them in our blogs – collaborative editing wonderland (liveblogging on steroids, huh?) or free lunch invitation to a new breed of spammers? We’ll see …