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Past, present and future of ECM

After a week filled with designing concepts/drawing and revising flow charts/troubleshooting and caring/explaining and advocating/et al. I feel stressed out. This may get better over the weekend, and some original content may emerge. But until this I am happy to relay other people’s stuff (spirit of sharing, yes) – say the things John Mancini published on the past, present and future of ECM. This is timely because I had a loose discussion on this topic these days (Sharepoint at al., how fast everything changes in technology, what role [commercial] Open Source [vendors, solution providers and integrators] plays, etc.).

It’s funny because it’s true – there was no Sharepoint in the industry’s mind 5 years ago, this has changed for sure.

And yes, the perception of ECM has also changed – if only because the people in the niches are developing curious ideas about the nature of social intranets, what role “ECM” intelligent information management should have in the design of (social) business, how trends and opportunities like cloud computing, mobile use, open platforms and open source, big data and the collapse of data/document walls will play out. Add to this the challenges of dealing with social (and ad hoc) content and communiaction and collaboration and you see what I mean …

Needless to say that the ad-hoc stuff is the most interesting area to deal with, this is where the real (business) action and the tacit knowledge is.

Upcoming: PHP User Group @ CoWorking 0711

Das ist in der Tat auch ein CoWorking Effekt: am Ende eines hoffentlich produktiven CoWorking-Tages gleich ein passendes Abendprogramm haben:

Morgen ab 19:00 ist zum ersten Mal die PHP Usergroup Stuttgart zu Gast im CoWorking Space, Thema von Jens Giessmann ist  die Apache Konfiguration, Harald schreibt dazu:

Jeder der mit Webservern zu tun hat, hat in der Regel auch schon mit dem Apache gearbeitet. Zum Laufen bekommt den Apache auch jeder irgendwie, aber wie so oft liegt die Tücke im Detail. Der Vortrag versucht zu vermitteln, warum ein Apache tut was er tut und wie man ihn dazu bringt auch das zu tun was man will.

Themen des Vortrages sind:

  • Base Config
  • Virtual Hosts
  • Logging
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Debugging
  • praktische Tips

Tacit knowledge exchanged

[…] explores how knowledge is distributed and dispersed throughout an organization, and asks: “How do we capture it, and make it available to others?”

A blog is a wonderful place to exchange and document, to note and to put forward, to link and to organize. Right?  It’s not a repository, it’s a creation space. That’s why linking to John Hagel of Deloitte’s Center for the Edge and the various videos collected at the HBR site is just closing the circle …

T-Shirt oder Anzug

wer löst das Rätsel?

Das ist – neben vielen Ideen und Eindrücken – eines der Mitbringsel von meinem Trip zur Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston. Ein T-Shirt von Central Desktop, Anbieter einer beliebten SaaS Social Technology Platform. Und ich habe zwei davon, beide in Größe L, welche mir – selbst an einem Casual Friday – nicht passen …

Und jetzt wird es spannend: löse das Bilderrätsel oben, finde das Lösungswort und schicke dieses via Kontaktformular an mich. Der Posteingang entscheidet über die glücklichen Gewinner, die dann Post von mir bekommen.

Update: Die Gewinner stehen fest, die Collaborate (cola – lab – her – eight) als richtige Lösung eingesendet haben. Kai und Kim freuen sich bald über Post 🙂

Enterprise 2.0 as a field under construction

The Enterprise 2.0 conference is over and it was all worth it. I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere, the talks and above all meeting so many people whose work I value and follow. And Boston as a town is fun too, I am now sitting in the lovely Coop Bookstore at Harvard place, hooked up on the Wi-Fi to see how Denmark is doing against Cameroon and to blog and tweet. So what’s the score for Enterprise 2.0, now that another important event has passed?

Well, I think it’s still a field under construction, all systems normal – but it’s also promising and rapidly evolving. This industry is forward-looking and the value of the field is now validated (not by numbers or cases – 1.500 attendees are pretty impressive still, as are the numbers of exhibitors – but rather by the quality and matureness of the talks and discussions and by the case studies and experiences of those engaged in it). It’s now necessary to really show and tell companies how to leverage it (less complicated for tools, way more complex in terms of Enterprise 2.0 paradigms, principles and methods) to improve business performance, processes and overall company fitness. Now, more companies begin to make significant investments in Enterprise 2.0 platforms, following the early adopters. And they all know that they are in this for the long haul (and plan for a longer journey without shortcuts, avoid cargo cult imitation and thus may head for sustainable success).

Some of my other learnings include:
– I like this town, its systems of public transportation and the attitude of its people, though there are times when you wonder a bit. I don’t like that you have to pay the equivalent of 6€ for a regular beer, on the other hand this is probably a good thing too …
– a new acronym – HiPPOs – the Highest Paid Person in the Organization via Andrew McAfee’s keynote (on the four tensions of Enterprise 2.0). I like funny metaphors.
– live-waving and -documenting during a conference is demanding (I either need more collaborators on this or a time-machine, hint). Some more thoughts on this later.
– interesting that both sessions I probably enjoyed the most were kind of “sandwiching” the actual conference, ie. the Monday all-day workshop of the 2.0 Adoption Council and Thursday’s Enterprise 2.0 townhall meeting. This mustn’t worry the people in between like the keynote speakers – the format of discussing in a smaller group like on Monday is very hard to beat.

In the townhall meeting (acting as both “time to look back and review” and forum) we agreed that integration, processes, (organizational) culture and finally metrics and the corresponding approaches to (understand) the measuring of success must be topics to watch more, as they were spared a bit from this year.

Besides this, what was missing from the mix at #e2conf that can be dealt with next time? Legal and technocratic aspects of Enterprise 2.0 (or they were sailing out of my sight, hmm, I heard some small mentioning of compliance). Dealing with the technological underpinnings (good thing). And more interestingly: Tackling the complexities of organizational psychology and the changing nature of leadership in a social web world. Organizational development and its established and able set of methods and tools (this one really should be a natural fit as its paradigms and principles are very fitting to those of Enterprise 2.0 and it may inform and help us dealing with that big, hairy thing called culture).

So I am now planning for the next #e2conf planned for Santa Clara in November (the call for papers is open). I would love to be there again and am thus thinking of handing in a proposal (there’s an idea that emerged between the european crowd in a pause outside the Westin, it needs some flesh but it sounds interesting so far 😉

ps. Yes, visiting the refurbished frogpond has to wait till next time in Boston. Above the sad reality of my trip there on Friday, all empty and no ducks or frogs in sight. But construction work is necessary at times, and it helps in building a nicer environment for us all …