Be different …

… that’s what they say one needs for succeeding in the new business environment:

Right, so for a change I was really quiet here (a bit more action on Twitter, buzz and bmid as usual). This will change in the coming days as I am now packing my bags for Lotusphere 11 (one always needs to leave some extra room in them bags for all the gadgets and books one buys in the U.S. – stuff like thisthis and yes, this one are on my list this year).

After my bags are done I will get down to some real Lotusphere information, thoughts and links.

Sammelwave für die #leweb

Später werde ich hier die verschiedenen Waves zusammenfügen und verlinken, bis dahin ist sie eine Sammelstelle für verschiedene Notizen, in der Regel zu den Talks auf der Hauptbühne der LeWeb:

Liveblogging LeWeb …

… und das ganz altmodisch – in einer Google Wave, hier eingebunden:

Natürlich muss der Inhalt später gerettet werden, außer das ApacheWaveHilfeprojekt kommt zum fliegen. Man wünscht sich ja sonst nichts …

LeWeb pre-event blogger’s tour

I uploaded some pictures taken at yesterday’s blogger pre-event tour to Flickr – as you can imagine the place was brimming with activity, handymen preparing audio/video, cables of all sorts and gazillions of nespresso machines. And it’s an engineers dream too, with 1GBit network connectivity by Meraki, big cables everywhere and large screens wherever you look.

Moreover we got a sneak tour of the speakers lounge area – so hard to get in there normally – with comfortable seating: