Happy New Year from Stormy Shores

Dear Friends, Partners and Customers and yes, oh my dear extended social network,

as we’re reaching the end of 2011 I wanted to thank you all for your business and your inspiration.

2011 was a busy year for me – more coaching and training gigs than in past years, and a constant stream of consulting projects. I am still focused on helping companies (and the people inside them) grapple with the implications and challenges of Enterprise 2.0. Now, Social business means challenges and tasks in helping with the integration of technologies and platforms, but also – and dare I say more importantly – social business needs efficient implementation work to reach its goals. Things like widespread adoption, continuous business process- integrated and day-to-day use don’t come as naturally as we might have expected in the past. So this has taken much focus in 2011 and I am excited to continue this journey in the new year.

So as I’m grateful for all the projects underway and finished, lessons learned and wonderful stuff experienced I thank you for all the past year. I look forward to working with you in 2012 and wish you, your teams and your families a very happy and healthy new year.

Martin _ frogpond

CC Image by Joe Kovacs, who has much nicer images of Basel than mine – the sky’s pretty much the same anyway 😉

Hmmm, so far I don’t see am easy way to share something from a) the GApps reader…

Hmmm, so far I don’t see am easy way to share something from a) the GApps reader account or any other Google account for that matter to the +frogpond page?

Anybody knows a solution? +<a href=”https://plus.google.com/102235836543922327908″ class=”proflink” oid=”102235836543922327908″>Siegfried Hirsch to the help 😉

Reshared post from +Martin Koser

Well, hah … future in data … poor me is wrangling with the curation processes, ie. what do I want to spread via the GooglePage, or the GApps frogpond account .. and what rests with the personal account.

Hard to decide and organize at times …

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Your Future Is In The Data
The web is creating massive amounts of data every second of the day. Moore’s law states that the amount of digital information increases tenfold every five years. The social web is accelerating data. According to Cisco by 2013 the amount of traffic flowing over the internet annually will reach 667 exabytes.
An article in The Economist observed, we are at the point of an “industrial revolution of data,” with vast amounts of digital information being created, stored and analyzed. The rise of “b…

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Hacked (but recovering)

Well, I got hacked by not so nice people robots, informed about it by nice people (whose sites were hacked as well and who found me in their spammed link bait).

Yes, cleared the mess by now – and slowly recovering. Will see how this works out.

ps. I did have backups, nice long passwords, and a pretty current WordPress install. Will elaborate on this as soon as possible.

[Update: it’s been a nasty Spam Injection – ie. while normal users of this site didn’t see the spam links, but the Google bot did. With the help of the Googlebot Spoofer I was able to see the actual mischief, ie. links to all sorts of warez et al.

The actual spam wasn’t embedded in the posts (or the database) but was deposited in extra files on my server, hidden from plain first sight and referenced via an hacked .htaccess file.

The compromising access to the files was achieved via an outdated WordPress plugin – not one that I missed to update but one that seems to have degraded over time and development from WordPress 2.x to 3.2.x.

My fixes included a) kicking that stupid plugin b) fixing the .htaccess c) removing the spam repository files d) changing passwords everywhere (WP users, database, ftp access and e) some hidden sauce that I won’t blog about.

So hopefully this write-up helps others, namely those webmasters that I informed via Email about their compromised sites.